Best World Travel Tips For Your Most-Awaited Vacation

world-travelThe idea of world travel might sound almost impossible if you’re not rich, however, there are a number of practical ways you can do it. You might have to skip fancy hotels and costly meals and live with fewer belongings, but that may just end up adding to the adventure.

How To Prepare For Traveling Around The Globe

You will definitely find that credit cards can come in handy for many of your travel needs including flights and booking and of course paying merchants. You can also apply for a card that allows you to earn frequent flier miles in order to reduce the overall cost of air travel. You should also choose a card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees.

Also be sure to inform your bank before you leave the country. If you fail to do so, once you start making international purchases, your bank may suspect fraudulent transactions and end up freezing your account.

Instead of purchasing separate tickets for each place you visit, consider buying an around the world ticket. These tickets often go for about $3000 and are a much cheaper option. However, there are some restrictions. You may be required to complete your trip within a certain amount of time and the ticket may only allow you to move in a single direction, such as westward.


Once you’ve reached one of your destinations you can also be on the lookout for shorter flights. Check out websites such as Priceline or Expedia and choose a budget airline such as Tiger Airways or Rayanair in Europe. You should also plan on spending more time in cheaper destinations such as South Africa and Thailand, than in places that will cost significantly more such as Rome or Paris.

How To Pack For Your World Trip

Always pack light and bring only what you’ll be able to carry on your back. You should purchase a travel backpack which is designed to work as a carry-on airline bag. This can help you to avoid losing your luggage between flight transfers and you can also save money that would otherwise go towards checked baggage. While the cost for checked bags seems minimal and is usually around $20 or $40 per bag, this can really add up if you take fifteen flights during your time abroad. You may even need to pay more if you end up making smaller trips in a single country.

When you’re packing, be sure to focus on taking the appropriate clothing for the climate and bring important items such as a water bottle and over the counter medication.

A local street market will allow you to taste the local cuisine for cheap, just be sure that you avoid any place that doesn’t look sanitary. In order to prevent spending too much on meals in restaurants, choose places that locals tend to go to. If the place you’re staying at has a kitchen you can also cook to save more money.

If you’re traveling in a small group or alone, a hostel may be the cheapest option. Commonly, people think that hostels only cater to students, but many international organizations welcome all ages. A hostel also offers amenities such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi. Rooms that can accommodate ten to twenty people are usually cheaper, but if you need more personal space private rooms are also available.


Most people fail to get traveler’s insurance, but it can actually be a real lifesaver if any of your personal belongings get stolen or you have an emergency. World Nomads is a popular option.

Explore towns and cities on foot or via public transportation instead of paying for a tour. Purchase guidebooks and local maps so you don’t end up lost. If you stay in a shared living spot such as a hostel, other travelers can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

You can work through such organizations as Workaway or HelpX if you’re unable to finance your entire trip ahead of time. These sites offer work exchange programs that allow the traveler to work for a few hours on farms or other types of locations in exchange for room and board.

Make sure you do some research ahead of time so you can find the type of work, meals, schedule and sleeping arrangements that will best suit your needs. When you contact one of these hosts it also doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer other amenities such as bikes or Wi-Fi, especially if they’re located in a rural area where transportation is hard to come by.

Traveling cheaply can let you enjoy culture, scenery and the foods of other countries more authentically than you might have from the comforts of a fine dining establishment or expensive hotel room.

Handy Advice For The Traveler On The Go

If you have your heart set on seeing a popular attraction, make sure you wake up early. We mean really early, as in sunrise. It’s also one of the best times for photos because of the soft diffused light and it’s the perfect time to interact with locals.

Cash is king all over the world. To protect yourself in an emergency, be sure to stash some money in a few different places, around a hundred dollars. If your credit cards stop working, you lose your wallet or if an ATM runs out of money you’ll be glad you have your stash. The best stash spots include under shoe inserts, inside a pair of socks, the frame of a backpack or your toiletry bag.

You should also make it a point to interact with the locals. All over the world basic English is spoken, so it can be easier to communicate than you think.

And if you really want to get the feel of a place, spend a few hours sitting on a busy street corner or in a local park where you can watch life happening right in front of you.

Always back up important photos and documents to keep the memories of your world travel. Keep both physical and digital copies of your driver’s license, health insurance card, birth certificate, visas and passport. You should also keep copies of important phone numbers in case of an emergency.