Cool Places to Visit in America 

cool-places-to-visitThousands of vacationers have weighed in regarding which vacations spots in America are considered cool places to visit. Vacationers considered factors such as dining options in a destination, variety of attractions and accommodations. These stateside getaways range from big cities and national parks to refreshing beaches and historic sights.


Popular Destinations In The U.S.

Hands down, the Grand Canyon is the most popular destination in the US. Whether you choose to raft the Colorado River or hike the Bright Angel Trail, this destination has a ton of exciting options for the adventure seeker. You’ll definitely feel small against the picturesque vistas and towering rock formations.

Yellowstone also has a lot to offer, but in the form of multicolored pools, steaming geysers, hiking trails that stretch for miles and bubbling hot springs. The animal lover will also appreciate a visit to the Grizzly and Wolf discovery center where they can learn more about the local wildlife.

Yosemite is the nature lover’s paradise.  Here, you can set up camp and get some exercise hiking the famous John Muir Trail or visit such famous landmarks as Glacier Point or Half Dome. If you’re not the camping type you can find accommodations in San Francisco or Sacramento.

San Francisco is a city that’s packed with diverse ethnic groups and a ton of culture. There are many sights to see in popular neighborhoods all over the city from the Castro to the Mission.

Oahu features a nice combination of beach and urban environments. The weather is amazing all year long so there really isn’t a bad time to plan a trip. The beaches will take your breath away, just be prepared for crowds.

The nation’s capital has plenty of sights to see, including the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. D.C. also has an exciting nightlife and popular bar scene.

popular-destination-in-usSan Diego is a place that will appeal to many different types of vacationers. The city itself boasts a wide variety of outdoor activities, while the beach is the marquee attraction. You can also check out the vibrant downtown dining scene and stop off at the sprawling San Diego zoo.

For most Disneyland Lovers, a trip to Disney World is like a rite of passage. But Disney world isn’t just for kids, in fact, the park has gone to great lengths to meet the needs of adults as well.

Charleston is a place that features relaxing beaches, beautiful architecture and a lot of southern charm. You can visit local museums, explore historic places and enjoy delicious southern cuisine.

Top Two Places To Visit

New Orleans is a unique destination that’s packed with culture and an exploding nightlife. This is a vibrant city that loves its tourists. Enjoy the fun bar scene or check out the live music, fantastic cuisine and historic sites.

Are you still looking for cool places to visit? We have just two words for you: Vegas baby. Considered America’s playground, take in a live show, hit the casinos, enjoy the numerous buffets or take in the sights. While not the ideal vacation for everyone, if you’re in party mode Vegas is the place to be.