European Travel: Where To Stay?

european-travel-accommodationEuropean travel is one of the great rites of passage. For most young people, this type of trip is one of the most memorable experiences they will have in their life. From Amsterdam to Paris, there is so much to see on the continent that you wouldn’t be able to name it all if you tried.

But even if you don’t feel like backpacking around Europe, the continent still features beautiful beaches, amazing wine, historical architecture and interesting people. Each country is more incredible and different than the next.

Hostels In Europe

If you want to enjoy the hostel experience on your European adventure, plan on spending between eighteen and forty EUR a night, depending on the popularity of the hostel and the size of the room. You can find cheaper hostels to stay at in Berlin, while the same sized hostel will cost you twice as much in Paris. Rooms in Paris will cost much more because it’s such a tourist hotspot. In fact, the further east you go, the cheaper rooms will get. A private room can cost anywhere from twenty to fifty-five EUR a night for a double bed and shared bathroom in Athens. For a two star hotel with Wi-Fi and free breakfast, expect to pay about twenty-five EUR.

Saving Money On Your EU Getaway

All over Western Europe you’ll find small eateries where you can get a quick slice of pizza, a sandwich or sausages for about four to seven EUR. These places are most often found in main pedestrian areas, bus stations and train stations. You can even live pretty well on fine cuisine if you want to cook for yourself, for about sixty-five EUR a week. Small sandwich shops are a cheap alternative that can have you spending only a mere nine EUR a day.

european-hostelsYou’ll soon find that the food is much cheaper in the east than it is in the west. In the east, even if you eat out for every meal you can still get by on under ten EUR daily.

Europe has plenty of small shops where you can find cheap ingredients to make your own meals. Purchase your food and eat it outside and just watch the world go by. This is a much cheaper way to eat that can allow you to save some much needed cash that you can put towards souvenirs and keepsakes or entertainment.

In Europe, the cost of transportation can really put a dent in your budget. Plan each day carefully by researching interesting locations online or speaking to locals about the best sights and hotspots. Use a map to plan your day and always move in a straight line and avoid doubling back.

European travel accommodations can really eat into your budget as well. Stay with friends whenever you can. If you don’t know anyone in Europe check out sites such as AirBnB or These sites will connect you with locals who will let you sleep in their homes for free or a reasonable price.

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