International Travel Tips For a Hassle-Free Trip

Vacationing in a strange place can be an amazing cultural and eye-opening experience. Be it for business or pleasure, regardless of the reason you’re visiting a different country, there are a number of international travel tips you should follow that will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing trip.

Foreign Tour Recommendations & Rules To Live By

The first thing you should do when you arrive to your destination and hotel is get a business card from the hotel’s front desk. This way, if you ever end up lost you’ll have both the name and address of your hotel. This is especially important if there is a language barrier.

Did you know that the expiration date on a passport can be a bit deceiving? America allows a person to use their passport up to the date that’s clearly listed inside the cover. But there are actually many countries that will deny you entry if the passport is set to expire in less than six months. In order to avoid any issues, make sure you always renew your passport way ahead of your planned trip, typically around nine months beforehand.

travel-recommendationsIn America, the average way to get your hands on some cash quickly is via an ATM machine, but many banks in America will charge you outrageous fees to use a machine that’s out of their network. While you can easily use an ATM at the airport before your plane takes off, it’s never recommended to carry a large amount of cash. Doing so will increase your risk of having too much local currency left over once your trip has ended. If you have travels plans in the near future, check out banks that offer checking accounts that don’t require a minimum balance and reimbursement for all ATM fees, especially withdrawals that take place overseas.
Before you leave for your exciting vacation, be sure to notify credit card companies regarding the countries you’ll be visiting and the dates of travel. Doing so will prevent the company’s fraud department from thinking the card has been stolen.

Just like a boy scout, when traveling overseas, always be prepared. Many avid travels keep a medicine bag on hand in the event they get hit with a cold or the all dreaded traveler’s diarrhea. You should carry tums, a lot of Imodium, Pepto Bismol, NyQuil, Tylenol and Advil. While the odds are the place you’re traveling to will have a drugstore, do you want to make a midnight run and try to ask a non-English speaking pharmacist what you can take for diarrhea? If you’re traveling to a third world country, stocking up on the right meds is even more crucial. Many travelers also fill a prescription of antibiotics in advance and bring it along just in case.

How To Avoid Expensive Roaming Fees When Traveling

One of the most common international travel tips is to make sure you set up your cell phone in order to avoid the high cost of international data roaming. The biggest cost will come from transmitting data overseas. While most business travelers have an international data and calling plan, the infrequent traveler will not.